LG's H13 is the first SoC to feature PowerVR Series6 graphics, aims at smart TVs

The highly anticipated and perhaps most awaited day of the past 12 months has finally arrived. While CES 2012 saw the announcement of the first IP cores in Imagination’s ground-breaking PowerVR Series6 GPU core family, this year we are proud to reveal the first product that integrates a ‘Rogue’ core: the LG H13 SoC designed for LG’s CINEMA 3D, the company’s line-up of next generation smart TVs.

2012: A PowerVR Odyssey

At the heart of the ‘smart’ revolution in consumer electronics, the PowerVR Series6 GPUs set a new benchmark for high performance, ultra-low power graphics IP cores, scalable for markets from mobile and tablet to high end gaming and computing. Thanks to an improved hardware architecture that’s up to 5x more efficient than its predecessor, PowerVR Series6-based platforms bring smooth UIs at high framerates, rich graphics and amazing visual effects.

PowerVR Series6 GPU LG H13 (1)

When paired with connectivity solutions like our Ensigma RPUs (Radio Processor Units) or hardware video engines such as our PowerVR VPUs (Video Processing Units), Imagination’s PowerVR Series6 graphics give devices ‘live’ intelligence and features, enabling a new wave of applications that combine augmented reality, onscreen interfaces, location services, content on demand and social networking to give users new ways of interacting with their devices.

Increasingly PowerVR Series5 and Series5XT GPUs have become the standard for SoC designs targeting smart TVs and STBs in the past year. This will result in a wide range of products from Imagination’s partners in the mainstream consumer market which will deliver new levels of performance to viewers in 2013, in addition to higher-end solutions with Series6.

2013: The year we saw ‘Rogue’

The added features and performance of ‘Rogue’-based platforms will give our partners a competitive edge against the competition, making their products the standard which all other solutions will be compared against. Just like our PowerVR graphics cores started a revolution in the smartphone and tablet world, the TV and STB space will realize the benefits from the current trend of convergence in consumer electronics, opening up the doors for an ecosystem of developers designing applications and operating systems that can run smoothly across all platforms, providing a unified, familiar experience thanks to the upgraded hardware.

PowerVR Series6 GPU LG H13 (2)

For example, Imagination offers proprietary copyrighted software algorithms to solve aliasing that are fully compatible with video overlay and offer better than 4x quality at low silicon costs to match market needs. Shared with licensees and PowerVR Insider partners through our ecosystem and for usage on PowerVR-enabled platforms only, these algorithms deliver increased image quality at polygon edges which is particularly visible for EPGs. Additionally PowerVR Series6 supports full, high performance 8xMSAA in hardware, comparable to the high-end PC market but within a very limited power budget.

LG H13 PowerVR Series6 Rogue

Support for GPU Compute APIs like OpenCL from the Khronos Group and Renderscript/Filterscript from Google enable image manipulation and processing as well as voice and gesture recognition, giving TVs a smart search and control options that simplify the overall user experience, making the whole interaction process more intuitive.

PowerVR Series6 enabling the graphics rich TV

As branding has become the on-screen experience for smart TVs, Imagination’s PowerVR technologies are designed to comfortably handle current and future TV and STB requirements, which are moving towards concepts like 4K resolutions, high bandwidths and 10-bit capture-to-display.

PowerVR Series6 GPU LG H13 (3)

PowerVR Series6 ‘Rogue’ GPU cores are designed to offer raw processing performance from 100 GFLOPS to more than 1 TFLOPS, enabling high-level graphics and GPU Compute performance from mobile through to high-end compute and graphics solutions. PowerVR Series6 cores are specified to comfortably deliver the raw fill rates required for the latest high resolution TVs thanks to an architecture based on a scalable number of unified compute and graphics clusters. The ‘Rogue’ family delivers a significant portfolio of new technologies and features which target efficiency and low power consumption, the two criteria that have shaped the mobile and embedded world for the past decade.

More information on our PowerVR Series6 ‘Rogue’ cores can be found on our dedicated micro-website and our blog. For the latest announcements from our partners, keep following us on Twitter (@ImaginationTech).

* Image of LG Cinema 3D smart TV courtesy of Anandtech, all rights reserved

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