A few weeks ago Imagination opened its doors to give undergraduate and graduate students an early Christmas present: Imagination’s very first Developer Day. This day was the idea of one of our Developer Technology engineers, with the premise of providing keen, new programmers an insight into the basics of 3D graphics.

In the morning students received a company talk from Susi Barrett, Imagination’s Director of Communications, and a presentation on the opportunities available across the whole of Imagination from our University and Graduate Recruitment Programme Manager. Another highlight of the morning was the chance to have a tour of our brand new demo room in our local headquarters. Finally, before lunch, the event turned technical, focusing on an introduction to 3D graphics.

If our attendees appetites were not already satisfied with the technical and company talks (and the large amounts of Danish pastries, biscuits and fruit), we opened up the room to reveal a bountiful buffet lunch, but most importantly our hiring managers and graduate engineers, eager to start talking to them about their engineering interests.

After a bustling lunch, it was time for the students to get developing. After a brief introduction, the students were put into teams of two and given a laptop to actually start writing code and then see if they can produce a 3D object. With members of our Develop Technology team available for support, we saw the students take on task with gusto and start to write the code. To get the students really excited, we provided an additional incentive to make the coding challenge a true competition, by offering the winners a PURE One Flow digital and Internet radio each!

Our Developer Technology engineer who ran the technical part of the day said:

“Overall, the day was a success and the students enjoyed it. They found it really useful, and I think a lot of the students are likely to want to come back and do work with us.  It would be something I would run again in the future, as I am very keen to get more people interested in 3D graphics and pass on some useful technical knowledge that they may not learn at University. The day was very fun and I am thrilled with the level of feedback from the students”

Imagination would like to give many thanks to all the students who attended and who made the day special and fun. We’d like to give even more thanks for the fantastic feedback. One of the students mentioned:

“As an experienced OpenGL ES / GLSL developer, all the essentials were covered, well explained and incredibly useful. The demo room tour and the office buildings were incredible. It was an amazing day at an amazing company.”

Given the overall success of the event, we have decided to run these every year, so interested people should keep an eye out for Imagination’s ‘Developer Day’ in the future. We are very keen to see both software and hardware engineers apply for our open graduate and placement positions, which can be found at www.imgtec.com/graduates.

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