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A little about us

Imagination is a leader among international technology companies with a very dynamic and exciting way of doing business. It’s called intellectual property licensing.

Think of us as an innovation factory: firstly, we come up with revolutionary ideas which are designed into a family of technologies.Then we sell them to other companies like Intel, Sony, Samsung or LG who integrate them into their designs, called Systems on Chip (SoCs). These chips make their way into your hands with the help of device manufacturers who build the actual product.

Imagination has a very wide and unique range of technologies which are grouped in several key families: PowerVR for graphics, video and display, Ensigma for communications. Our intellectual property (IP) is at the heart of many of today’s hottest products and most exciting industries such as mobile phones, mobile computers, consumer multimedia, wearables, connected devices (Internet of Things), automotive, networking and enterprise.

But we also see past the products themselves; we’ve created an impressive ecosystem around us – an extended partnership with other companies that help us constantly deliver brilliant solutions. One great example is the PowerVR Insider programme, which includes over 30,000 developers – that’s enough to fill football stadium! They are the people who are working hard day and night to create the best possible apps for all your mobile devices.

We also pride ourselves in having one of the most developed University programmes, attracting graduates from not just Britain but all over the world. They benefit from a fun working environment and a chance to take part in the development of the most exciting technologies in the world, while we keep things in style at our yearly Christmas Party or Summer Party. Finally, Imagination supports charities and helps out local schools too, as a part of its social responsibility programme.


In all the cool gadgets

Whenever you walk past a phone shop, you always see them hanging on the best spot on the wall. But have you ever wondered what’s actually making your phone so smart? You have to agree that tablets are the best thing to come out since… well, forever. Whenever you use them for checking what’s new on your Facebook wall, reading comics or enjoying the latest shows and movies, they have become the coolest gadget to have right now.

Case Study – Imagination Technologies

Find out more about Imagination, what we do and what it’s like to work for us with this case study video created in collaboration with Imperial College.

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