Inspiring Engineering

Imagination is a leader among international technology companies with a very dynamic and exciting way of doing business. It’s called intellectual property licensing.

Think of us as an innovation factory: firstly, we come up with revolutionary ideas which are designed into a family of technologies.Then we sell them to other companies like Intel, Sony, Samsung or LG who integrate them into their designs, called Systems on Chip. These chips make their way into your hands with the help of device manufacturers who build the actual product.

Ian explains how to make a buzz wire game using a battery, buzzer and metallic object.

Joe shows you how to create an electromagnet with a large nail, copper wire and a battery, and explains its use in electronics.

Matt describes how to build a loudspeaker using some card, wires, a battery and a magnet.

Pete shows how to make an electric motor from a plastic cup, a pair of magnets and a battery.

Phil explains how to create an electric buzzer using lots of household items including a tin can, a battery, nails, wood and an electromagnet (see Joe’s video above to create one).