Ensigma Communications

Delivering Wireless and Broadcast IP solutions for an efficient and connected world

Ensigma provides a unique end-to-end IP solution, encompassing all parts of the wireless system; RF, baseband and software with interoperability certification and RF compliance. With over 30 supported wireless standards in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.15.4, audio and TV , Ensigma provides the most comprehensive range of wireless connectivity and broadcast IP solutions in the market today. Ensigma solutions can be supplied as a single standard or a highly complex multi-standard solution; scalable from low-power, low data-rates to high performance, high data rates.

Flexible and efficient connectivity IP for all devices

In a world that’s always switched on, Ensigma’s range of connectivity and broadcast IP is designed  to provide power efficient solutions for all markets. From automotive entertainment systems and IoT, to high-end audio and TV broadcast, Ensigma blends flexibility with efficient hardware to deliver highly scalable multi-standard connectivity platforms. We provide outstanding performance and flexibility  for the demands of today’s highly complex integrated circuits.

Providing the widest range of communication IP solutions

Ensigma provides the widest range of end-to-end wireless IP solutions for all forms of wireless connectivity and broadcast. Our end-to-end solutions for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and IEEE 802.15.4, with regulatory and interoperability testing, reduce the complexity of integration  providing a quicker and safer route to market.


Connectivity IP Solutions

Connectivity solutions based on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 802.15.4 and cellular standards for integrating connectivity inside SoCs. Optimised to provide the most efficient power and performance.


Broadcast IP Solutions

Broadcast TV and audio receivers supporting the broadest range of TV and audio standards in the market today. Providing best in class reception of multiple TV and digital radio signals.

Networking IP Solutions

Our range of scalable and configurable Wire-Speed Switching and Routing IP solutions, provide enterprise class modular, scalable networking for managed home/SMB gateways, routers, switches to perform Layer 2 – Layer 4 switching and routing.