The most comprehensive range of wireless connectivity and broadcast IP solutions in the market today.

Wireless and broadcast IP for an increasingly connected world

Ensigma provides a unique end-to-end IP solution, encompassing all parts of the wireless system; RF, baseband and software with interoperability certification and RF compliance. With over 30 supported wireless standards in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low-Energy, IEEE 802.15.4, and radio, Ensigma provides the most comprehensive range of wireless connectivity and broadcast IP solutions in the market today. 

Flexible: configurable

Our solutions enable a single IP core to be configured for multiple connectivity products, reducing time to market and design costs. Utilising the uniquely flexible Ensigma architecture, multiple offerings can be configured to support only the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols required. All our connectivity solutions include an integrated processor that can be scaled as needed to meet a wide range of performance capabilities, from single-standard to multi-standard implementations.

Internet of Things

Ensigma has industry-leading low-power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth IP for all your IoT devices. Our advanced design process allows us to provide a complete IP, lowering your development costs and shortening your time to market, giving you a competitive edge.


Utilising the newest standards like Bluetooth Low-Energy v5.2, Ensigma’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IP can be used in a wide range of power-conscious wearables. Implementation of the newest standards allows us to support new features and create an outstanding experience for all users.

Consumer electronics

By offering the option to combine multiple standards onto one chip, Ensigma gives you the flexibility to tailor your designs to best fit your purpose, with no wastage in silicon area. 


Ensigma connectivity solutions offer a comprehensive range of broadcast and connectivity standards combined with best-in-class radio channel performance, enabling digital radio and C2X wireless networks.

The widest range of communication
IP solutions

Ensigma provides the widest range of end-to-end wireless IP solutions for all forms of wireless connectivity and broadcast. Our end-to-end offerings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.15.4, and digital radio, complete with regulatory and interoperability testing, reduce the complexity of integration providing you with a quicker and safer route to market.



We offer up to IEEE802.11ax Wi-Fi IP in various configurations that can be optimised to provide a perfect balance between power and performance, to precisely suit the needs of your application.

Bluetooth 8


Our Bluetooth Low-Energy IP supports the newest v5.2 standard. It is designed for a variety of markets including IoT, true wireless headsets (TWS), and hearing aids. We also offers Bluetooth Classic and IEEE 802.15.4.

RF 8


Our Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios were designed with the specific goal of driving down the costs for mass volumes, while delivering robust performance. The RF IPs support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with compact ultra-small form factor solutions featuring minimal external components, allowing for flexibility in size, form and function.

Radio 8


Our broadcast audio and radio receivers supports the broadest range of standards in the market. Millions of users around the world today make use of our products with our radio IP.

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