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The Ultimate Bluetooth Low Energy v5.2 IP in TSMC 40 LP

Bluetooth Low Energy Audio Demo

Imagination and Packetcraft have come together to create a complete and proven Low Energy Audio solution combining Imagination’s iEB110 Bluetooth v5.2 hardware IP, Packetcraft’s open source Bluetooth Low Energy host stack and the new Low Complexity Communication codec (LC3). Our Low Energy Audio solution is designed for applications such as broadcast audio, high-quality multi-stream audio and hearing aid support.

Bluetooth Low Energy v5.2 IP

IMG iEB110 is our latest Bluetooth Low Energy v5.2 compliant IP, featuring integrated RF and baseband. It delivers optimal RF performance and advanced power-saving features, making it ideal for low-power battery-operated applications such as the internet of things, wearables and hearables.

Multi-Stream Audio

IMG iEB110 supports Multi-Stream Audio, allowing developers to create tightly synchronised multiple audio streams between devices such as smartphones and earbuds. iEB110 delivers extended battery life and a better True Wireless Stereo experience.

The next generation of hearing aids are blue

iEB110 brings together innovation, market need and inclusiveness, enabling hearing aid users to access the full benefits of Bluetooth audio. Hands-free calling, music streaming and new use cases such as broadcast audio and audio sharing are now a reality without compromising battery consumption and device form factor.

Broadcast Audio and
Audio Sharing

Broadcast Audio will open up a multitude of new possibilities. No more staring at a silence screen – scan, tap and go then audio is streamed directly to your earbuds from your chosen TV and in your preferred language.

Share your music not your headphones! When watching a film on a tablet or listening to a music on a smartphone, thanks to personal audio sharing, we can now create a shared listening experience with those around us.

A new era of audio quality

The new LC3 codec brings superior audio performance compared to the sub-band codec (SBC) used in Bluetooth Classic. At just half the data-rate, LC3 delivers better quality audio than the SBC codec. This is shown in the Bluetooth Audio Codec demonstration courtesy of the Bluetooth SIG.

A lower bit rate means fewer packets are sent over the air, and a Bluetooth radio can operate more efficiently. This extends the battery life for real-life use cases such as earbuds and hearing aids, so not only does LC3 enhance the user listening experience it also provides a significant reduction in power consumption.

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A complete solution

A one-stop-solution from radio to application, iEB110 comes with everything needed to a create highly-optimised, efficient Bluetooth Low Energy solution. 


Compact die area

A small die area does not mean more external components. iEB110 is highly integrated for minimal BOM cost and small form factor solutions.

support 1

Incredibly power efficient

Optimised design enables years of operational life from a single coin cell battery.

IMG iEB110

Download the IMG iEB110 product brief to find out more.

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IMG iEB110 Bluetooth IP Solution

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Augsut 4, 2020

In this webinar, we will deep-dive into the key features and benefits of Bluetooth Low Energy v5.2 and explain how by choosing our pre-certified IMG iEB110 IP you can reduce your integration and development costs and accelerate your time to market.

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