IMG iEB120

Ultra-low power Bluetooth Low Energy v5.1 / IEEE 802.15.4 IP in GF22 FDX.

Bluetooth Low Energy v5.1 and IEEE 802.15.4 IP in GF22 FDX

Energy efficient, robust wireless links are an important part of an IoT system.  Beacons, wearables, activity trackers, indoor positioning, industrial and automotive applications have all benefited from technological advancements facilitated by low-power short-range wireless communications.

IMG iEB120 supports Bluetooth Low Energy v5.1 and IEEE 802.15.4 standards, with market leading radio performance and low power consumption. iEB120 is an ideal choice for integration into a low-power communication SoC.

Multi-protocol connectivity solution

iEB120 supports IEE 802.15.4 networking and communication protocols such as Zigbee and Thread. This enables maximum flexibility for multi-standard IoT deployments in industrial or home automation applications.

Minimise your integration time with silicon-proven IP

iEB120 is a silicon-proven design, reducing risk and minimising time to market. The solution is backed with a comprehensive evaluation platform enabling full verification of the outstanding RF performance offered by the iEB120.

We have a range of real-world end-to-end demo platforms from Bluetooth Mesh to a Bluetooth enabled Lego car, demonstrating the IP in action.

lowpower wifi 1

GF22 FDX Technology 

iEB120 is designed for Global Foundries GF22 FDX process optimised for ultra-low-power IoT with minimal silicon area.  


Single-source solution

The iEB120 is a complete ready-to-market solution including integrated RF, AFE, baseband with modem hardware and firmware up to the Host Controller Interface. 

support 1

Maximum integration

iEB120 is designed with end applications in mind. With a high level of integration, iEB120 requires minimal external components reducing silicon cost and system-level eBOM. 

IMG iEB120
IEEE 802.15.4 IP

Download the IMG iEB120 product brief to find out more.

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Sharpen your competitive edge with IMG iEB120