EnSigMa bRoADcaSt

Designed to meet the requirements for the seamless reception of audio broadcast signals for home entertainment and automotive electronics.

Providing world wide support in broadcast

The Ensigma Broadcast solutions support the broadest range of audio standards in the market today, providing world-wide support. Ensigma Broadcast is a family of high-performance IP cores for digital television and audio broadcast reception, the IP provides a flexible platform for solutions requiring both high performance and design flexibility.

Digital radio platform

Ensigma Digital Radio demodulation IP platform provides a generic architecture that supports multiple audio broadcast standards. Unique hardware architecture allows multiple channels of different standards to use the same hardware concurrently. 

The Ensigma Digital Radio demodulation IP flexible configurations to provide both standalone channel decode functionality or a demodulation function which can be optionally combined with an audio function for a complete and contained system. Either combination can be multiple channel and be created or removed in runtime using the framework support. 

The demodulation standards are implemented in software while utilising the hardware accelerator features within the programmable hardware platform. This provides the lowest power, whilst allowing scalable and varied functionality concentrated on one core to serve a wide variety of radio and audio entertainment applications.

Creating individual broadcast solutions

Ensigma’s broadcast solutions enable a single IP core to be configured for multiple products, increasing time to market and reducing design costs all round. The unique and flexible architecture and multiple solutions can be configured to precisely support the broadcast protocols required. Meaning a flexible and configurable solution designed for your needs.

Digital Radio

The Digital Radio platform provides a generic architecture that allows support for the multiple audio broadcast standards in the market today. Proven and efficient platform support tools allow multiple channels of different standards to use the same hardware concurrently.

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