Digital Radio IP

Ensigma Broadcast IP

High-performance wireless IP cores for audio reception

The Digital Radio IP provides flexible configurations to provide both standalone Channel decode functionality or combined with audio decode functionality for a complete and contained system. The demodulation standards are implemented in software while utilising the hardware accelerator features within the hardware platform.
  • Multi-standard Demodulation and Connectivity Platform
  • Scalable from Single Channel to Multi stream multi standard
  • Flexible RF interfaces
  • Industry-leading PHY performance
  • Choice between Integrated Wi-Fi MAC’s
  • Complete Multi-standard baseband solution
  • Proven solution that minimizes risk and time to market
  • Can provide all the required connectivity for a world standard SoC
  • Easy integration into an SoC
  • DAB+ prevalent
  • DAB/DAB+ MRC for automotive
  • Physical layer common with DAB/DAB+
  • DAB data service carrying MPEG Transport Stream
  • MPEG transport stream packets provided for DMB parse
  • Can use same Tx network as DAB for mobile TV service
  • DMB BIFS/video capabilities if supported by receiver
HD Radio
  • IBOC standard
  • Implemented and Certified by Tessera (DTS/ibiquity)
  • Proprietary audio codec and transport elements coupled to standardized PHY
  • Available support for audio system SRC, blend,
  • HDFM-MRC for automotive
  • IBOC standard for AM(DRM30)/FMIDRM+) transmission
  • Hardware proven for DRM capability
  • Supported
  • Supported