EnSigMa CoNnECtivITY

The most comprehensive range of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.15.4 and broadcast IP solutions in the market today.

High-performance connectivity solutions for all markets

Ensigma provides a range of high performance connectivity solutions for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and IEEE 802.15.4. Ensigma high performance Wi-Fi focuses on delivering the best power/performance Wi-Fi, complete with a rich set of features. Using the highly flexible Ensigma hardware radio platform, the solution can be configured to enable multiple configurations from a single platform. For mobile compute and infrastructure hardware, our high performance Wi-Fi is designed to work across all markets to provide the most efficient performance without compromising throughput.

Delivering connectivity for all devices

Ensigma’s range of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE and IEEE 802.15.4 connectivity solutions are designed for all markets – from low data rate, low-power solutions for consumers and IoT, through to high-performance solutions for demanding networking and computing applications.


Ensigma IP solutions for RF communications are well suited to address the requirements of next generation wired and wireless connectivity including single-solution support for the majority of current and planned future standards.


Ensigma’s range of Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi connectivity IP provides proven solutions to the complex communication and power consumption challenges presented by wearables.


Ensigma connectivity provides a comprehensive range of broadcast and connectivity standards, combined with the best-in-class radio channel performance, enabling digital radio and in-car wireless networks.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set not just to revolutionise the important embedded systems market, but the very nature of the way we interact with devices. Ensigma RPUs allow efficient integration of connectivity across all classes of IoT devices.

Low-power solutions designed for easy integration

Ensigma low-power connectivity focuses on delivering industry leading power consumption without compromising performance. For IoT, wearables and battery powered devices, our wide range of solutions are designed to work across all markets to provide the most efficient power and performance. Utilising advanced design techniques and process technology to deliver the lowest active and idle power, the Ensigma low-power IP solution extends the system battery life while maintaining consistent connectivity and complimented by a rich set of features. Ensigma low-power connectivity solutions are complete ready to market IP packages including integrated RF, AFE, baseband PHY and MAC.

Deliver amazing products

Find out how Ensigma connectivity solutions can boost innovation and user experiences for your products.