GF 22FDX Low Power Bluetooth

Ensigma Low Power Bluetooth Connectivity

Low Power Bluetooth Global Foundries 22FDX FDSOI

BLE/802.15.4 System enables compact ultra-small form factor solutions with minimal external components to reduce the costs for large-scale production. Utilizing advanced design techniques and process technology to deliver the lowest active and idle power, the Low Power Bluetooth system extends the system battery life while maintaining consistent connectivity and still provides a rich set of features.

  • Designed for Global Foundries 22 nm FDSOI
  • RF Core area 1.75mm2
  • Typical power consumption 6mW
  • Wide range of reference crystal frequencies supported (16- 40MHz)
  • 768 kHz oscillator supported for low power operation
  • Designed for QFN packages
  • Complete BLE solution
  • Low power
  • Easy integration into a SOC
  • RF Delivered as GDSII with baseband and link layer provided as soft IP
  • BLE only
    Supports Bluetooth 5.01Mbpsand 2 Mbps Modes
  • BLE/802.15.4 combo
    Supports Bluetooth 5.01Mbps and 2Mbps Modes and IEEE 802.15.4 2450 MHz DSSS PHY employing O-QPSK modulation
RF Features
  • BLE Sensitivity:
    • 125 Kbps: -103 dBm
    • 500 Kbps: -99 dBm
    • 1 Mbps: -97 dBm
    • 2 Mbps: -93 dBm
  • 15.4 Sensitivity:
    • -105 dBm
  • TX Output Power up to +5dBm
  • Integrated transmit/receive switch for RF
  • Single pin RF antenna interface
Power Management
  • On-chip LDO regulation SOC
Frequency Reference Options
  • External (16 MHz – 40 MHz) Reference XO support
  • Controller stack (firmware)
Control Interface Options
  • AXI host interface to an MCU on the same SOC
  • GF 22nm FDSOI
  • Support for QFN packages – no requirement for external matching
  • Other packages are supported but may require custom external matching