Digital Radio

Ensigma Broadcast Family

High-performance wireless IP cores for audio reception

The Digital Radio platform provides a generic architecture that supports the multiple audio broadcast standards in the market today. Proven and efficient platform support tools allow multiple channels of different standards to use the same hardware concurrently.

  • Multi-standard Demodulation and Connectivity Platform
  • Scalable from Single Channel to Multi stream multi standard
  • Flexible RF interfaces
  • Industry-leading PHY performance
  • Choice between Integrated Wi-Fi MAC’s
  • Complete Multi-standard baseband solution
  • Proven solution that minimizes risk and time to market
  • Can provide all the required connectivity for a world standard SoC
  • Easy integration into an SoC
  • Digital Radio (consumer or automotive)
  • Smart speakers
  • DAB+ prevalent
  • DAB/DAB+ MRC for automotive
  • Physical layer common with DAB/DAB+
  • DAB data service carrying MPEG Transport Stream
  • MPEG transport stream packets provided for DMB parse
  • Can use same Tx network as DAB for mobile TV service
  • DMB BIFS/video capabilities if supported by receiver
HD Radio
  • IBOC standard
  • Implemented and Certified by Tessera (DTS/ibiquity)
  • Proprietary audio codec and transport elements coupled to standardized PHY
  • Available support for audio system SRC, blend,
  • HDFM-MRC for automotive
  • IBOC standard for AM(DRM30)/FMIDRM+) transmission
  • Hardware proven for DRM capability
  • Supported
  • Supported