Location IP

Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Global navigation and location IP designed for power-constrained devices

Designed specifically for mobile battery-operated devices, Ensigma GNSS IP solutions support GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo GNSS and a range of SBAS, providing high performance without compromising battery life. From IoT and wearables and battery-powered devices our GNSS IP is designed to provide the most efficient power and performance across all markets.

Internet of Things

Provides location and timing information for IoT devices.


Locates equipment and livestock plus location information for environmental monitoring.

Smart Cities

Used for infrastructure location and mobility in smart cities.


Enables monitoring of cargo along the entire supply chain for efficiency, security and safety.

Mobile Healthcare

Disability assistance, preventive medicine and emergency, leveraging the fusion of big data with GNSS.

GNSS is more than satellite navigation

Ensigma GNSS IP enables innovation in new markets. With its low power and high performance, Ensigma GNSS IP reduces acquisition time when traditional ‘tracking’ is not required. Designed for ‘snapshot’ operation, Ensigma GNSS IP is designed for markets that do not require ‘always-on’ location, giving you location data only when needed, optimising power and greatly extending battery life. 

Solving the GNSS power challenge​

Ensigma GNSS IP builds on the proven Ensigma connectivity engine which incorporates an ultra-low-power CPU core. The GNSS IP includes dedicated hardware blocks which enable much lower power compared to a software-only solution.The GNSS IP not only supports continuous fix techniques, but also supports power-efficient ‘capture and process’ for devices that only require periodic location updates.


Location services for the Internet of Things

GNSS constellations help us to find the easiest and fastest routes to our destinations, help us find our devices when they’re lost, and enable us to map the pathways of our world. Typically, GNSS has been used in cars and smartphone; however, there are now emerging opportunities in the IoT. This whitepaper discusses design considerations and trade-offs for a low-power GNSS receiver, including the main contributors to power consumption, and how you can design your receiver to provide the best solution possible within the power constraints of a battery-powered IoT device.

Efficient power for the best performance

Ensigma’s high-performance GNSS provides the complete system solution of RF, baseband and software IP for high-performance location. Ensigma solutions provide optimum power consumption with industry-leading performance that can be easy integrated into SoCs.

GNSS is a key enabler for new markets

Designed for ultra-low power consumption, the IP is optimised for battery powered remote IoT sensors and edge devices, wearables, health monitors, consumer mobile products, automotive after-sales products such as insurance boxes and road tolling equipment, and asset tracking devices.

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