EnSigMa nEtWOrKIng

Ensigma networking is a range of scalable, configurable high-performance flexible switch and router solutions for all markets.

High-performance flexible switch and router solutions for all markets

Ensigma Networking is a range of scalable and configurable Wire-Speed Switching and Routing IP solutions, providing enterprise class modular, scalable networking for managed home/SMB gateways, routers, switches to perform Layer 2 – Layer 4 switching and routing.

Accelerated performance

Ensigma Networking IP significantly accelerates the performance of common protocols like DNAT, SNAT, VLAN and PPPoE in host processor based communication processors. It implements sophisticated QoS algorithms suitable for both software-only and coprocessor-based hardware implementations. It performs state-full classification/modification/scheduling of packets to achieve higher throughput across multiple ports. The software sets up tables to aid the fast-path processing of packets. It provides a framework for advanced protocols like IPSec and for processing advanced Application Level Gateways.

High-performance architetcture

The Ensigma Networking solutions provide complete offload of TCP/IP processing at the hardware level to achieve the highest data rates without burdening the host processor. The architecture guarantees wire-speed secure routing of any size packets between Gigabit Ethernet ports and is scalable for multiple Ethernet ports or peripherals with other protocols.

Solutions designed for easy integration

The Ensigma Networking architecture enables a very high number of flows without any degradation in performance, supporting numerous industry-standard RFCs and protocols. It is developed as a loadable kernel module for Linux operating systems for facile integration.

Deliver amazing products

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