Ensigma Networking

Multi-port Network Processing Unit/Gigabit IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Switch/Router

Ultra-efficient, high performance networking

The Ensigma Multi-port Network Processing Unit IP provides a highly flexible solution that is capable of supporting multiple different configurations and features. It uses a hardware and software framework which is combined with hardware accelerators and a high-speed flexible DMA fabric to provide a complete and highly optimised, yet flexible solution.

  • 2 to 8 Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • Scalable architecture
    • Bus Structure
    • Local Memory
  • Scalable architecture based on performance requirements
  • Simple Driver like interface for slow path packets
  • Hardware based QoS
  • Support for Ethernet multi-cast packets
  • Advanced features such as IGMP snooping
  • Multiple products can be created from on IP core
  • Silicon proven solution that minimises risk and reduces time-to-market
  • Easy integration into an SoC
  • Home-gateways and Edge Routers
  • Base-stations with carrier Ethernet
  • Network Offload for Servers
  • Ethernet Switch for Automotive and other applications
  • High-End Switches and Routers