EnSigMa Rf ConNEcTiviTY

High-performance Wi-Fi and Bluetooth RF IPs providing a range of highly flexible, single and dual-band solutions.

High-performance RF IP with integrated power management

The high-performance Wi-Fi and Bluetooth RF IPs provide a compact, ultra-small form factor solution with minimal external components to drive down costs for mass production, while providing flexibility to optimise for size, form factor, and functionality. Our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth RF IPs offer fully integrated power management with DC-DC converter and low drop-out voltage regulators (LDO). This allows direct connection to battery and eliminates external components and associated cost.

Ensigma RF solutions

With low power consumption and a small die area, the high-performance Wi-Fi and Bluetooth RF IPs support power compensation of internal power amplifiers to produce stable transmit power across temperature. Fast automatic gain control and wide dynamic range allows for high robustness against fading with low phase noise and fast switching time.

CRF5500 RF and PWR IP in TSMC 40nm LP

Ensigma CRF5500 Wi-Fi RFIC IP is a low-power, high-performance, highly-flexible, dual-band IEEE 802.11ac and Bluetooth radio which provides an optimum RF transmitter/receiver function.

CRF4600 RFIC IP in TSMC 65nm LP

An ultra-small form factor automotive grade solution featuring minimal external components. The CRF4600 Wi-Fi RFIC IP is designed with automotive V2X applications in mind and allows for flexibility in size, form and function.

CRF4510 RFIC IP in TSMC 65nm LP

The Ensigma high-performance CRF45xx series Wi-Fi RFIC IPs is available in TSMC 65nm LP. It provides a highly-flexible, dual-band Wi-Fi solution capable of supporting up to IEEE 802.11n/ac 4×4 MIMO, IEEE 802.11p and Bluetooth 5.1.

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