Ensigma RF Family

High-performance and low power connectivity

Ensigma CRF5500 Wi-Fi RFIC IP is a low power, high-performance, highly flexible, dual-band IEEE 802.11ac and Bluetooth Radio which provides an optimum RF Transmitter/Receiver function.

  • Single supply
  • Direct-Connect-To-Battery
  • Power-save support
  • Integrated PA and T/R-switch
  • Scalable from 1×1 to 4×4 MIMO configurations
  • Easy SoC integration
  • Complete Wi-Fi RF + AFE solution with on-chip high-efficiency DC/DC-converter
  • High integration level minimises prodcution cost
  • Low die area
General Features CRF5500 Wi-Fi/BT IP
  • On-chip PA and switch for single-ended 50ohm antenna port
  • Shared LNA for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Integrated analog front-end (AFE) comprising high-performance ADCs and DACs
  • On-chip trim-able XO for XTAL operation
  • Direct conversion receiver and transmitter in WiFi , low IF receiver and direct conversion transmitter in BT
  • RX RSSI function
  • TX TSSI function
  • Fully integrated fractional-N synthesizer
RF Features
  • Complete 2.4/5 GHz RF including PA, LNA
  • Power efficient AGC
  • Optimised PLL power consumption
  • Customised power amplifier to minimise TX power consumption
  • Internal LDO regulators
  • Power optimised DAC/ADC design
  • Integrated TX/RX switch for RF
  • Single pin RF antenna interface
General Features CRF5500 PWR IP
  • Integrated Dual-Mode (PWM and PFM modulation) step-down DCDC converter (500mA) for high efficiency supply generation in all modes of operation
  • Integrated soft-start
  • Direct-connect-to-battery for Li-ion powered applications
  • Integrated programmable 40mA IO LDO for embedded applications (1.8 to 3.3V in 8 steps)
  • Integrated LDO from DCDC for digital supply (300mA) with programmable output voltage 0.85 to 1.20V in 8 steps
  • Integrated 200ppm 32 kHz temperature clock generator and support for external reference
  • On-chip sleep timer running on the 32 kHz clock and configurable state machine, ensuring a seamless power-save cycle when operating with CRF5500 Wi-Fi/BT IP
  • Control outputs from the state machine for up to 8 power gates
  • Integrated chip temperature measurement
  • Autonomous start-up sequence from single high-voltage tolerant pin