Circuit Breaker

Demo created with the PowerVR GM9446 from the PowerVR Series9XM family

Platforms: Smartphone, Tablet, Handheld Gaming Console

Technology: Graphics

SoC: MediaTek Helio P90

Operating System: Android


This demo was created to showcase the unique selling points of the Series9XM GPU. 
The demo was developed inside the Unity Engine and gamifies each of the high-level features.

Key Messages 

  • PowerVR Series9XM delivers high-fidelity gaming at 60fps in Full HD
  • Capable of supporting rich UI content at high resolutions
  • Improved power efficiency (fps per milliwatt)
  • 50% performance boost over last generation thanks to ALU architectural performance tuning 
  • 25% bandwidth usage reduction
  • New parameter compression engine
  • Larger tile size in vertex processing phase 
  • More dedicated caches and larger cache sizes
  • Flexible scalability allowing for more FLOP or fill-heavy configurations

Compatible devices

  • Oppo Reno Z (P90) or any other device with a Series9XM GPU


  • You can rotate each of the cameras slightly in run-time to prove that it is a real-time demo and not a pre-rendered video.