Platforms: Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, STB, TV, Handheld Gaming Console, VR Headset, Infotainment System

Technology: Graphics

Operating System: Android

Framework: Multiple


We released a side-by-side comparison video that highlights the quality of lossless compression. On top of this we also created an application to run on a tablet that enables you to compare compressed and uncompressed images in real-time with a different image.

Key Messages 

  • PVRIC4 enables visually lossless compression for new PowerVR GPUs during rendering, resulting in reduced system bandwidth and memory footprint.  
  • Guarantees a minimum memory bandwidth reduction of 50% as well as 50% saving in memory footprint resulting in lower power and reduced system costs
  • Shows how the system bandwidth is reduced with no perceivable change in visual quality 

Compatible devices

  • In order to run the demo with actual uncompressed footage you will need to use a special Asus laptop that the Demo Team purchased
    especially for this demo. The footage can be compared in real-time using the YUView tool.