Rogue Swarm

Demo created with the PowerVR GE8300 from the PowerVR Series8XE family

Platforms: Smartphone, Tablet

Technology: Graphics

SoC: MT8167A

Operating System: Android


The demo makes full use of Vulkan, from the graphical and the compute side. The swarm of ships chasing the lead ship all form part of the simulation, which includes the main ship, asteroids and laser fire. This simulation executes a flocking algorithm which gives the chasing ships their swarming behaviour as well as simulating their laser fire, avoidance of each other, avoidance of asteroids and their chasing of the main ship.

Key Messages 

  • Utilising full Vulkan 1.1 conformance 
  • Vulkan-based compute is used to render complicated scenes on low power devices in real-time

Compatible devices

  • This demo was designed to run on an Acer Iconia One 10 Full HD tablet that contains a PowerVR Series8XE GPU (GE8300)
  • It will run on most devices that support Vulkan 1.1