Take your application's performance to the next level

The PowerVR SDK gives you innovative low-level scrutiny of your mobile app, paving the way for greater optimisations and even better user experiences.

Helping you with every stage of development

Our industry-leading tools take you from creation and asset deployment, through to profiling and optimisation. Along the way, our PowerVR Framework, examples, and comprehensive documentation all lend a helping hand.

An extensive ecosystem of tools and support

PowerVR GPU technology is driven by one of the world’s largest engineering teams dedicated to graphics processor development. Our tools team produce industry-beating utilities to help you write the best applications every step of the way.

Get your answers online with our comprehensive documentation. From architecture guides and white papers, over to performance recommendations and migration tips, you’ll find plenty to read to help you make the very best applications.

Build better applications faster with our innovative PowerVR SDK

Create PowerVR applications for iOS, macOS®, Linux®, Windows®, WebGL™, and Android™. Use our examples to learn or as a starting point for your own applications. Make use of the PowerVR Framework – a cross-platform and cross-API framework that acts as a scaffold for you to build your own rendering or game engine around.

Latest forum posts

The PowerVR developer forum is great place to start asking questions and getting answers from our PowerVR developer technology team and other like-minded developers.

Neural Network SDK for Artificial Intelligence

CLDNN SDK for developing Neural Network applications on PowerVR GPUs

Our intention is to make it as easy and efficient as possible for developers to develop convolutional neural networks on our hardware. To that end, we have provided both an API and an SDK, and also provided an image for flashing onto an Acer Chromebook R-13 for hardware development.
PowerVR Hidden Surface Removal

Sorting Objects and Geometry on PowerVR Hardware

It can be tough trying to figure out the best way to optimise your applications for the hardware during development. Luckily, we’re here to help and – this is the first of an ongoing series of blog posts highlighting useful tips and tricks from our brand-new documentation website.

Introducing our all new PowerVR Developer Documentation website

We’re really excited to announce some big news about our PowerVR developer documentation. We’ve taken our incredibly useful, and very extensive documentation set and turned it into something much more modern and accessible in the form of a new website.