PowerVR Developer Tools

On-device configuration of our application analysis tools

  • Supports both Android and Linux.
  • Gives you the simplicity of one-button recording and profiling.
  • Makes it easy to install the PVRTrace libraries on the target device.
  • Configures both PVRTrace and PVRTune captures.

A tool of two parts

PVRHub is made up of two components: 

Recording libraries

  • Shim libraries installed on the platform, which capture all calls to the native graphics libraries.
  • These calls are captured and written into a file for reading by our PVRTrace tool.


  • Runs on the target device and reads counters and registers from the hardware.
  • Transmits these findings over a network to our PVRTune tool, or writes them into a file for reading later.

Works alongside our popular PVRTrace and PVRTune tools


Off-line tools to inspect captured data, identify redundant calls, highlight costly shaders all to increase the performance of your application. Uses the file created with PVRHub to import the data into PVRTrace.


Capture hardware timing data and counters with our real-time GPU performance analysis tool. Quickly discover performance bottlenecks by configuring PVRTune on your target device, with the aid of PVRHub.