PowerVR Developer Tools​

Get immediate performance statistics on your app, for Android™, Unity™, and Unreal Engine™

  • View real-time graphs of hardware counters as an overlay for your app
  • Spot and monitor performance issues quicker 
  • Drag and drop PVRMonitor into your app, with our easy-to-use plug-ins for Unity and Unreal Engine 
  • Also available as a standalone Android app

Quick and convenient

PVRMonitor gives you a quick and convenient way to find out the performance statistics that matter to you on PowerVR devices. Each widget contains:

  • The maximum, minimum, and average values.
  • A graph representing the previous 32 frames with a configurable threshold value and colour scheme.

With no significant performance overhead, create as few or as many GPU and CPU hardware counter widgets as required. Move the widgets to wherever you need on the device screen, and interpret the data easily with configurable colour-coded graphs and optional threshold values.

Unreal Engine and Unity

Our latest Unreal Engine and Unity plug-ins make it even more straightforward to get started. Download the PVRMonitor plug-in from the appropriate app store, then drag and drop it into your application, and launch.

monitor demo screen
You’ll see how the out-the-box functionality gives you four handy counters on screen as a default. It’s easy for you to configure these or further counters from the app itself, or from within Unity or Unreal Engine.
Unreal Engine PVRMonitor

Full range of hardware counters available

PVRMonitor will give you the same wide range of hardware-dependent counters as with our desktop fully-featured hardware profiler PVRTune, but in a more convenient way for those quick checks.

Here’s just a few of the handy counters available:

  • Frames per Second (FPS)
  • Cycles per pixel/vertex
  • Texture processing load
  • Z load/store
  • CPU load
  • USC information

… and many, many more. See here for the full list.

The source code is open source, allowing for future community development.

PVRMonitor plug-ins for Unity and Unreal Engine will be available soon.

Support & resources

Get your answers online with our comprehensive documentation, developer forum and our dedicated PowerVR developer support desk.