PowerVR Developer Tools

Save time with our real-time shader composer for PowerVR Object Data (POD) files

  • Operates on a What You See Is What You Get concept, letting you rapidly prototype new shaders.
  • Instant feedback on your changes with a visualisation window.
  • Get syntax highlighting and real-time shader performance estimates with our integrated PVRShaderEditor.
  • Supports a variety of commonly used image formats, as well as our own.

Optimised file formats for the best performance gains

We know our hardware best. Our optimised file formats can give you the edge you need.

  • Loads and renders POD files, and supports our PowerVR Texture (PVR) format.
  • Benefit from our small, simple, and easy to use PowerVR Effects (PFX) format to manage shaders.
  • Load the same files in your own applications, by using our POD, PFX, and PVR resource loading code.