PowerVR Developer Tools

Capture and analyse OpenGL ES™ and EGL API calls

  • Inspect data without needing to sift through source code.
  • Easily identify redundant calls and errors in your code.
  • Comes in two parts – recording libraries and a comprehensive GUI analysis tool.

PVRTrace Recording Libraries

The bridge between your application and the host OpenGL ES drivers.

Android and Linux

Record on Linux and rooted Android devices by installing our recording libraries. 

Data interception

Capture OpenGL ES and EGL API calls and associated data sent to the GPU driver from your application. 

Works with applications that use Khronos OpenGL ES APIs

No requirement for custom application or driver builds. 

Leverage PVRVFrame emulation libraries

You do not need to have access to a device with a PowerVR GPU in order to perform OpenGL ES analysis. 


Our easy-to-use graphical interface for navigating through captured OpenGL ES calls.

View captured data

See shader source and textures, as well as identify redundant calls. Capture the framebuffer during recording for verification purposes. 

Integrated playback window

Displays a render of your captured content in various useful modes, such as allowing you to:

  • Isolate a single draw call.
  • Display a wire-frame render of a scene.
  • View the depth complexity.

Playback frame by frame

See the captured OpenGL ES calls alongside each frame.

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