PowerVR Developer Tools​

Capture and analyse OpenGL® ES/EGL™ API calls with PVRTrace

  • Identify redundant calls and errors by tracing and inspecting data, without sifting through source code. 
  • Features the ability to capture API calls from single or multiple frames, or from the whole application.
  • Cross-platform playback, allowing you to play back your recording on different platforms and operating systems.
  • Uses recording libraries on device and a powerful GUI analysis tool on desktop.

PVRTrace Recording Libraries

The bridge between your application and the host OpenGL ES/EGL drivers. The recording libraries capture the calls and associated data sent to the GPU driver from your application.

Supports Android and Linux

Record on Linux and rooted Android devices by installing our recording libraries on your device. 

Works with applications that use Khronos® OpenGL ES APIs

No requirement for custom application or driver builds. 

Make use of PVRVFrame emulation libraries

Use our PVRVFrame libraries if you do not have access to a device with a PowerVR GPU, to perform OpenGL ES analysis. 


Our easy-to-use graphical interface for navigating through your captured OpenGL ES calls.

View captured data

See shader source and textures, as well as identify redundant calls. Capture the frame buffer during recording for verification purposes. 

Integrated playback window

Displays a render of your captured content in various useful modes, allowing you to:

  • Isolate a single draw call.
  • Display a wire-frame render of a scene.
  • View the depth complexity.

Playback frame by frame

See the captured OpenGL ES calls alongside each frame.

What is PVRCarbon?

Introducing one of our newest tools, PVRCarbon. We’ve built it from the ground up, improving capture and analysis of the next generation of mobile graphics applications. PVRCarbon will save you time with its much improved performance.

PVRCarbon began as our Vulkan®​ version of PVRTrace, but it now supports OpenGL ES as well. If you need to capture Vulkan API calls, you’ll need PVRCarbon.


Currently in beta, PVRCarbon is now available for you to try as part of our PowerVR Tools and SDK download. Feedback is welcome through our ticketing system

Development work continues on PVRCarbon, so the full PVRTrace functionality is not yet available. In the near future, PVRCarbon will fully replace PVRTrace, which will then be discontinued.

Support & resources

Get your answers online with our comprehensive documentation, developer forum and our dedicated PowerVR developer support desk.