PowerVR Developer Tools

Ground-breaking toolset for profiling, analysing and optimising your PowerVR hardware applications

  • Get real-time data on the performance of your application.
  • See performance metrics visualised in real-time, for fast and efficient profiling sessions.

An essential suite of applications to help improve your application performance


A multi-platform GUI client that reads, formats and presents the data stream sent by the server.

  • Real-time data visualisation
    Check the performance of your application whilst it runs, by visualising data in real-time.
  • Examine the data later
    Store the information collected for later analysis in your own time.
  • Performance analysis in real-time
    Gives you fine-grain GPU performance information to easily identify bottlenecks.


A lightweight application that runs on various target platforms. It connects to our graphics driver and forwards the data that the driver is emitting.

  • Collect hardware statistics for individual modules
    USC (Unified Shader Cluster) / TA (Tile Accelerator) / ISP (Image Synthesis Processor) / TSP (Texture and Shading Processor)
  • Collect software statistics
    Complement the GPU hardware statistics with software statistics such as frames per second (FPS) and CPU load.


An unparalleled performance analysis library that your application can link to and retrieve GPU counter data. It exposes a user-friendly API for sending user-defined events and data to PVRTune in its own separate timeline.

  • Direct access to PowerVR hardware counters
    Allows your applications to retrieve PowerVR GPU hardware counters. Have the freedom to manipulate counter data for your own analysis.
  • Customise data
    Create custom counters, annotated markers and editable data to send to PVRTune, which are displayed in their own timeline for your convenience.
  • Speed up your workflow
    You can profile different variations of your application without needing to recompile each time.
  • Examples provided
    Comes with example source code, showing you how to forward the data onto PVRTune, and how to consume the data stream.

Go deeper with PVRTune Complete

PVRTune Developer is available to download now for everyone, but we also offer PVRTune Complete under NDA. This exposes even more low level data, giving you deeper insights into your application’s performance. 

  • Benefit from client data stream information. These are events emitted by OpenGL ES, EGL, OpenCL and Vulkan driver modules.
  • Detect pipeline bubbles with capture of synchronisation objects.
  • Detect firmware bottlenecks with the exposed firmware timing data.
  • Get access to additional hardware counters, and even create your own.