PowerVR Developer Tools

Target all Khronos™ OpenGL ES™ APIs with our collection of emulation libraries

  • Allows OpenGL ES applications to run on desktop development machines that do not natively support OpenGL ES APIs.
  • Use with your IDE of choice for rapid development.
  • No need for access to a device supporting your targeted version of OpenGL ES, the calls are redirected to OpenGL.

Emulates hardware capabilities of specific GPUs

We include a selection of profiles to emulate the hardware you may want to target. Through our GUI, you can modify or even create new profiles as needed.

Specific hardware capabilities

A wide range of hardware capabilities are available, such as the number of shader varyings and texture format types.

Supported extensions

Any EGL or OpenGL ES supported extensions are emulated in full by the libraries.

Fully documented

As well as our user manual, we also provide detailed documentation on extensions.

  • We support all versions of OpenGL ES. The level of support depends on the capabilities of your desktop GPU.
  • The performance obtained is not indicative of the performance when running on real consumer hardware.