PowerVR Series8XE Presentation

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Introducing PowerVR Series8XE GPUs, the latest PowerVR Rogue architecture applied to cost-sensitive IP cores.

The PowerVR Series8XE Plus family of GPUs enables a step up from entry level parts, whilst maintaining a tight focus on cost reduction. These cores are optimized to deliver the best user experience by combining the fill rate requirements for a great 1080P experience, with an increase in FLOPS performance over the entry level 8XE family, to allow for more realistic immersive gaming, more sophisticated computer & vision applications, and more complex UI implementations, yet all in a limited silicon area budget. This GPU family enables low-cost devices to not only benefit from graphical applications by supporting the most advanced APIs from Khronos, including OpenGL ES 3.2 and Vulkan 1.0, but its support for OpenVX 1.1 & OpenCL allows for compute & vision applications to take full advantage of the increased FLOPS on offer.

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