The Ensigma Explorer family of Radio Processing Units (RPUs) includes a range of high performance IP cores that enable system designers to integrate communications into today’s highly complex SOCs without compromising on power consumption or feature set.


Ensigma Explorer RPU


With more than thirty different standards supported to date, Ensigma RPUs support the most diverse range of applications from worldwide TV and radio demodulation to popular wireless protocols, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE.


ensigma rpu standards - bluetooth & wifi


By using Ensigma Explorer RPUs, a single IP core can be leveraged for several different products, increasing time to market and reducing design costs.

Based on a very flexible architecture, Ensigma Explorer RPUs are highly configurable and can be precisely configured to support just the communications protocols required. In addition, the underlying hardware architecture can inherently manage multiple streams of data in parallel as well as the sharing of accelerator resources in order to run multiple different standards simultaneously. This helps system designers support multiple wireless standard on the same chip in a predictable and straightforward manner.


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