The Ensigma Multi-Gigabit Gateway Packet Processor performs wire-speed routing/bridging (L2-L4) at Gigabit rates, and is part of the Ensigma networking IP portfolio. The core is CPU-independent and performs fast path processing with advanced QoS.

This core is ideally suited for GPON/EPON gateways, xDSL residential gateways and to offload packet processing in Wireless Access Points, with multiple configurations accommodating different data rates and end markets (features).

There are multiple flavors of the IP to cater to different data rates and end markets (features).

The Gateway Packet Processor offloads the host CPU and does all the packet processing. The architecture has elements that can be scaled to increase the per-packet processing without reducing the throughput. The IP maintains multiple queues for efficient usage of on-chip and off-chip memories. The off-chip/on-chip memory trade-offs are configurable to suite the performance requirements.

It optionally can be configured to integrate Ensigma’s IPSec IP to realize secure gateways.