Games Developer Conference (GDC) 2018

Moscone Centre, San Francisco
Exhibition Dates: 19 Mar - 23 Mar 2018

Panel: Exploiting Machine Learning in Gaming
Presentation by:
Chair: Dr. Jon Peddie, JPR

Room 2011, West Hall
20 March 2018, 14:40 hrs (PST), duration: 60 mins

A panel discussion with leading industry participants from all aspects of the gaming ecosystem – from IP suppliers through hardware suppliers, to game engine developers.

This debate will look at the rapid rise of Machine Learning and consider how it can be applied to the games industry. The discussion will look at what is required from the ecosystem to enable this, and how developers can take advantage of this next wave of technology.  The discussion will be broad, and highlight use-cases such as game testing, in-game intelligence, graphics enhancement, voice recognition and synthesis and virtual reality (VR) enhancements.


Dr. Jon Peddie, JPR


Kristof Beets, Imagination Technologies

Andrew Edelsten, NVIDIA Corp

Darin Briskman, Amazon

Nicolas Meuleau, Unity Technologies

Todd LeMoine, Qualcomm




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