GlobalPlatform Trusted Execution Environment Seminar

Help fight security threats

If you are interested in the future of security for connected devices, you can participate alongside other industry leaders in the 5th annual Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Seminar presented by GlobalPlatform, on Tuesday, 12th September in Beijing.

The Seminar focuses on ‘Providing Security for Digital Services and Devices’, a theme that reflects the growing importance of connected devices in our lives – and the associated security challenges. The Seminar will showcase state-of-the-art device security, discuss the evolution of the threat landscape for connected devices and demonstrate how the TEE can address these challenges.

As sponsors of the TEE Seminar, we at Imagination are excited to help drive the discussion around this critically important topic, and share our latest TEE technology.

Demonstration of ‘Multi-trust’: the future of the TEE

The TEE provides a secure area in a connected device that ensures sensitive data is stored, processed and protected in an isolated, trusted environment. It enables end-to-end security by offering isolated, safe execution of authorized security software. At Imagination we’ve teamed with Sierraware, a pioneer in virtualization and security, to make Sierraware’s GlobalPlatform compliant SierraTEE available for devices based on Imagination’s MIPS CPUs.

At the Seminar we will demonstrate SierraTEE for MIPS, which is implemented through Imagination’s OmniShield security technology to enable creation of multiple domains – in effect creating a ‘multi-trust’ TEE where mission critical trusted applications with crypto requirements can operate autonomously away from the potential hazards of a rich application environment. We believe this ‘multi-trust’ TEE will provide a key differentiator for connected devices amidst growing security threats.

DRM Panel Discussion

With the growing consumption of premium content on mobile devices, tablets, set-top boxes and smart TVs, protection of premium content and DRM (Digital Rights Management) are key concerns, and can be provided by GlobalPlatform TEEs. Volker Politz, Vice President Segment Marketing, from Imagination will moderate a panel discussion and Q&A during the DRM Session, which will examine the role of TEE for DRM, with particular emphasis on China deployments.

Panelists from HiSilicon, Trustonic, and the Information Technology Institute, Academy of Broadcasting Science (SAPPRFT), will discuss topics including:

  • Trusted Execution Environment and its Usage in ChinaDRM and TVOS Standards
  • Enabling a Vibrant TEE Services Ecosystem for Smart Connected Devices with the Trusted Management Framework
  • OP-TEE and its Application in ChinaDRM and TVOS

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If you would like to attend the TEE Seminar in Beijing, you can register on the event website.

Please also take a moment to learn more about the SierraTEE for MIPS, a multi-trust TEE. You can also learn more about GlobalPlatform and its focus on interoperable standards for TEE.

Interested in how a multi-TEE can provide advanced security in your device? We can show you the power of such an environment – and discuss how easy it is to get started. Please contact us.