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The GpU Of EvERyThINg

December 3, 2019 | Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai
December 3, 2019 Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai
1108 Meihua Rd, Shi Ji Gong Yuan, Pudong,  Shanghai, China

New GPU Generation 2020

Graphics, Artificial Intelligence and Compute

Come and join us at the Imagination Inspire 2019 event happening in China and be one of the first to discover our new generation GPU for 2020 – ‘The GPU of Everything’. We will be introducing the most important graphics product we have launched since the first PowerVR for mobile, which made possible the mobile-gaming revolution, app stores and all the devices that followed. Register to find out more and get your chance to speak to the experts that have been helping sharpen our partners’ competitive edge for more than 25 years.

What to Expect and Topics Covered

We are known for delivering the best in class so if you want to be ahead of the game, sharp, smart and worlds apart from your competitors, you need our new generation GPU.

GPU 2020 Series

New generation GPU 2020 series product launch based on the unique PowerVR tile based deferred rendering architecture.

Future of Mobile

Imaginations future mobile computing technologies and technical routes.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence using Imagination’s GPU + Neural Network Accelerator heterogeneous computing architecture.


Impact of the new GPU series on gaming and VR performance.


Defeating the challenges of safety, security and certification for automotive and autonomous systems.

Partner Panel

Panel discussion with leading executives from industry leading companies.


Ecosystem partner solution sharing.


Chance to speak face to face with industry experts in the exhibition area.

Imagination Inspire 2019 | Speakers

inspire 0001 Ron Black

Dr. Ronald Black

Chief Executive Officer
Imagination Technologies
inspire 0003 James Liu

James Liu

Vice President & General Manager China
Imagination Technologies
steve evans

Steve Evans

EVP PowerVR Product
Imagination Technologies
inspire 0002 Kristof Beets

Kristof Beets

Senior Director of Product Management PowerVR Graphics Imagination Technologies
inspire 0004 Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant

Senior Director, Artificial Intelligence
Imagination Technologies
Volker Politz

Volker Politz

VP Segment Marketing
Imagination Technologies
Shaojun Wei

Dr. Shaojun Wei

Professor of Tsinghua Univ.
Mingjun Sun

Mingjun Sun

Director AI Department, Yunda Institute, China Academy of Information and Communications, Head of the general group of AIIA
grahame deacon inspire2019

Graham Deacon

VP PowerVR Business Operations
Imagination Technologies
jane jin chukong tech


VP of Chukong Technology
Jianyi Meng

Jianyi Meng

Vice President of T-Head Semiconductor, research scientist of Alibaba Group.
weirong chen

Weirong Chen

CSOC director, SiFive China
Jianwen Lin

Jianwen Lin

Director of Technology R&D in Allwinner Technolgy
jason zheng

Jason Zhang

Founder & Chairman of SemiDriveTM Technology
john rowland inspire

John Rowland

President of BlueOcean
fang chen

Feng Chen

SVP, Rockchip
peter liu nibiru

Peter Liu

VP & Co-founder of RuiYue(Nibiru) Technology
shinichi yoshioka

Shinichi Yoshioka

SVP and CTO of Renesas
Jason Gao

Jason Gao

VP, Software Tech & Research Department, UniSoC

Imagination Inspire 2019 | Exhibitors

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Imagination Inspire 2019 | Agenda


9:15Welcome speech
James Liu, Vice President & GM China at Imagination Technologies
刘国军, Imagination公司副总裁中国区总经理
9:20Keynote: Industry
Dr. Shaojun Wei, Professor of Tsinghua Univ.
魏少军博士, 清华大学和北京大学双聘教授
9:45Keynote: Imagination’s Vision
Dr. Ronald Black, Chief Executive Officer at Imagination Technologies
主题演讲:IMG 新视野
Ronald Black博士, Imagination首席执行官
10:10New GPU product launch: The GPU of Everything
Steve Evans, EVP PowerVR Product at Imagination Technologies
新品发布: 万物的GPU
Steve Evans, Imagination PowerVR产品执行副总裁
10:45Tea break & Demo茶歇和Demo演示
11:00Panel discussion: The Next Direction for High Tech - Redefining Mobile Computing Platform in 5G+AI Era

Yorbe Zhang, Head of AspenCore APAC

Shinichi Yoshioka, SVP and CTO of Renesas
Jason Zhang,  Founder & Chairman of SemiDriveTM Technology
Feng Chen, SVP of Rockchip
Jane, VP of Chukong Technology
Jianyi Meng, VP of T-head Semiconductor, research scientist of Alibaba Group
Graham Deacon, VP of PowerVR Business Operations, Imagination Technologies
Jason Gao,VP, Software Tech & Research Department, UniSoC
圆桌讨论: 高科技的未来方向 (5G+AI时代重新定义移动计算平台)

张毓波, Aspencore亚太区总经理

吉冈真一, 瑞萨电子公司高级副总裁兼首席技术官
张强, 南京芯驰半导体科技创始人兼董事
陈锋, 瑞芯微高级副总裁
金晓颖, 触控科技副总裁
孟建熠, 平头哥半导体副总裁, 阿里巴巴研究员
Graham Deacon, Imagination PowerVR产品业务运营副总裁
高喜春, 紫光展锐 软件技术研究部副部长
12:00Buffet lunch自助午餐
13:00New GPU generation 2020: Deep Dive
Kristof Beets, Senior Director of Product Management, PowerVR Graphics at Imagination Technologies
Kristof Beets, Imagination PowerVR图形产品管理高级总监
13:30Application of Heterogeneous Computing in SoC
Jianwen Lin, Director of Technology R&D at Allwinner Technology
14:00Accelerating AI: From Edge to Cloud
Andrew Grant, Senior Director, Artificial Intelligence at Imagination Technologies
Andrew Grant, Imagination人工智能高级总监
14:30The Latest Developments in Artificial Intelligence
Mingjun Sun, Director, AI Department, Yunda Institute, China Academy of Information and Communications, Head of the General Group of AIIA
孙明俊, 中国信息通信研究院云大所人工智能部主任,AIIA总体组组长
15:00Tea break & Demo茶歇/Demo演示
15:15Edge Computing Training Chips and AI System Solutions
John Rowland, President of BlueOcean
罗强, 蓝海智能系统有限公司总裁
15:45Smart Cars: Driven by Security, Safety & Certification
Volker Politz, VP Segment Marketing at Imagination Technologies
智能汽车: 由汽车安全技术,安全性和认证驱动
Volker Politz,Imagination细分市场副总裁
16:15SoC IP Solutions for Vertical Markets
Weirong Chen, CSOC director, SiFive China
陈卫荣, 赛昉科技芯片方案部总监
16:45How Can XR OS and Tools Simplify XR Development and Accelerate Application
Peter Liu, VP & co-founder of RuiYue(Nibiru) Technology
刘峰瑞,睿悦信息Nibiru 副总裁兼联合创始人
17:15Wrap up & lucky draw抽奖/会议结束
Please join our live broadcast for our keynote addresses and panel session if you cannot attend in person. Register for the live broadcast now to join us from anywhere in the world, or you can catch-up on-demand at a time that suits you afterwards.


Imagination Inspire 2019 is hosted by Imagination and does not require a registration fee.


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