China Imagination Summit 2015

Keynote Speakers

Partner Speakers


Join us for a day-long series of presentations, demonstrations and deep dive interactive sessions with the top executives from Imagination.

This is your chance to find out more about everything we do; see it in action; dig into what lies inside; and be inspired to create something truly disruptive. Come find out why the ultra-low power, uniquely efficient architectures in Imagination’s SoC processor IP cores lead the industry, and are so often found in the world’s most iconic and successful products.

We’ll also have private rooms to enable you to meet with the Imagination team, talk at greater length and discuss your latest project under NDA.

We’ll also be explaining how our technologies are at the heart of the most innovative products in mobile, consumer, automotive, IoT, storage, networking, wearables and many other market segments.

If you design hardware or software for SoCs, manage SoC engineering teams or software teams, or are just curious to know more about why Imagination is one of the hottest names in SoC technologies, don’t miss the Imagination Summit 2015.

  • Big picture keynotes from Imagination and partners
  • Technology overviews and deep dives into MIPS, PowerVR, Ensigma, FlowCloud and more
  • Market overviews and informed opinions on where they are headed
  • Extensive demonstrations hosted by experts

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Time Plenary Sessions
08:30-09:30 Registration
09:30-09:40 Welcome address
James Liu, General Manager China, Imagination
09:140-10:20 New Thinking for the Next Wave of Innovation
Hossein Yassaie, CEO, Imagination
10:20-10:50 Guest Keynote:
Tianshen Tang, Sr. VP of SMIC
10:50-11:20 Guest Keynote:
Prof. Xu Cheng, Assistant President of Beijing University/Director of Microprocessor Research Center of Beijing University
11:20-11:40 Morning break & demos
11:40-12:10 Guest Keynote:
Qiang Liu, CEO, Ingenic
12:10-12:40 Guest Keynote:
Chang Hong Guo, Snr Marketing Director Asia Marketing of Dolby
12:40-13:00 Open Standards with Open Security: Interoperability Must Rule!
Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist prpl Foundation
13:00-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-14:20 Automotive: Making Autonomous, Multimedia-rich Cars a Reality
Bryce Johnstone, Automotive & Gaming Segment Marketing
PowerVR GPU IP from Wearables to Servers
Kristof Beets, PowerVR Business Development
Understanding OmniShield
Majid Bemanian, Networking and Storage Segment Marketing
14:20-14:40 Embedded: Winning Through Integration and Interoperability
Kevin McDermott, IoT Segment Marketing
Video & Vision: New IP, New Standards, New Solutions
Chris Longstaff, PowerVR Business Development – Video & Vision
Sounding Better Than Ever: High Quality Audio
Simon Forrest, Connected Home Segment Marketing
14:40-15:00 Home Gateway: Enabling the Multidomain Security Revolution
Majid Bemanian, Networking and Storage Segment Marketing
MIPS CPUs: Differentiating the Next Wave of Innovation
Mark Throndson, Director of Business Develoment – MIPS
Connected Processors and FlowCloud IP: Integrating and Securing end-to-end IoT
Kevin McDermott, IoT Segment Marketing
15:00-15:20 Consumer: Making AV Smarter
Simon Forrest, Connected Home Segment Marketing
Ensigma: The Complete Wireless Solution
Narayanan Raman , Ensigma Business Development
VoIP: Enabling Communications for Everything
Saraj Mudigonda, FlowTalk Business Development – Media Communications
15:20-15:40 Break/Demos
15:40-16:00 Vision IP: Powering the Smarter Camera
Peter McGuinness, PowerVR Multimedia Technology Marketing
Future HMI in Connected Cars: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
Kai Pan, Director of Sales, Rightware
Emulation of Imagination IP on Veloce Platform
Gabriele Pulini, Veloce Production Marketing Manager Mentor Graphics
16:00-16:20 Mobile: Driving the Next Wave with GPU Compute
Peter McGuinness, PowerVR Multimedia Technology Marketing
Collaborating to Speed Design and Verification with Optimized PPA
SoC IP: Enabling Innovation by Integration
Volker Politz, Vice President Segment Marketing
16:20-16:40 Wearables: Low-power Design Meets High-power Fashion
Tony King-Smith, EVP Marketing
Hardening Imagination’s 16FF+ PowerVR Series 7 GPU for Performance & Power with DesignWare HPC Design Kit
Multicore Wearable Device Enablement for Low Power and Rich Connectivity
Mentor Graphics
16:40 Wrap-up, prize-draw