IoT Developers Conference 2016


Machine-to-machine (M2M) methods, intelligent embedded and/or smart fusion have been around (in some form) for many years. But the Internet of Things (IoT) goes way beyond this capability and interconnects virtually unlimited numbers of smart objects and changes the way we interact with our environment. To help rein in the vast IoT world, the IoT DevCon 2016 will focus on technologies ranging from the ultra-low power microcontrollers to the multicore-enabled aggregation hubs to the software and security infrastructure required for monitoring and management of the enormous bundles of data.

2016 Internet of Things Developers Conference topics will include:

  • How IoT technology will affect business and product development
  • The future of what the IoT will bring
  • Making money with the Internet of Things
  • Understanding and managing security-related issues, taking the IoT into the cloud
  • Utilizing software development environments for M2M applications
  • Designing ultra-low power IoT nodes
  • Building hubs to harness the data explosion
  • Exploring connectivity protocols and industry standards
  • Evolution and Adoption of Industry Standards for Multicore Development


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Be sure to visit our Showcase G9 in the main expo space and don’t miss our presentation “Making The IoT a reality: keep it open!” – Volker Politz, Vice President Segment Marketing