The Future of VR and Mobile Graphics

Moscone Center
Exhibition Dates: 27 Feb - 03 Mar 2017

Games Developer Conference 2017
Presentation by:
Tobias Hector & Panel

Room 2011, West Hall
28 February 2017, 14:40 hrs (PST), duration: 60 mins

This is a panel that will be examining the future of VR and mobile graphics – anything from the near future to the far future is allowed, wild speculation or solid beliefs. This panel will focus on the continuing rise of VR, and discuss where it’s heading over the next few years – with particular attention to mobile. What are the end goals? What new technology is on the horizon? What kind of future is in store for mobile VR adopters? What will the content be like? We’ll be asking these questions of our expert panellists to get their take, leading no doubt to some lively debate.


Tobias Hector, Imagination Technologies


Cass Everitt | Software Engineer, Oculus

Craig Donner | Daydream Platform Software Engineering Lead, Google

Scott Flynn | Director of Development, VR & AR, Unity

Christopher Peri | Director, Mobile Platform and Solutions, Samsung Electronics

Ryan Vance | Senior Rendering Programmer, Epic Games


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