PowerVR Series7XE

The PowerVR Series7XE family is a range of ultra-efficient, highly-featured GPUs that includes the world’s smallest Android Extension Pack compatible GPU.

The Series7XE range build on the Series6XE family and comprises single and half-cluster variants, enabling the latest games and apps on devices which require high quality UIs at optimum price points.




PowerVR Series7XE GPUs offer:

  • Up to a 100% performance increase on the latest industry standard benchmarks compared to equivalent configurations of Series6XE GPUs
  • GPU compute setup and cache throughput improvements resulting in up to 300% better parallel processing performance
  • OmniShield-ready with hardware virtualization and multi-domain security optimized to support multiple independent security contexts and execution domains
  • Feature scalability for optimized designs: users can select the specific features they need for their design, and avoid the cost of including features they don’t need


Headline features

  • World’s smallest Android Extension Pack capable GPUs
  • Performance and efficiency improvements over equivalent Series6XE cores
  • Virtualization and security hardware support
  • Geometry shader support
  • Tessellation support (optional)
  • Native 10-bit YUV support (optional)
  • ASTC LDR/HDR support
  • PowerGearing™ advanced power management
  • PVR3C™ triple compression technology for bandwidth/power savings


Typical target applications

  • Entry-level/mainstream STB and (Ultra/Full) HD TVs
  • IoT devices
  • Connected home
  • Entry-level smartphones/tablets
  • Electronic dashboards
  • Mobile internet devices (MIDs)
  • Personal media players




PowerVR GPU USC ALU Cores Compression API Support
Texture Frame Buffer Geometry
GE7400 1/2 16 (FP32)
32 (FP16)
PVRIC2/3 (optional) OpenGL® ES 1.x/2.0/3.x*
AEP (optional)OpenGL 3.2*
OpenCL™ 1.2 EP*
GE7800 1 32 (FP32)
64 (FP16)

* PowerVR Series7XE GPUs are designed to pass the Khronos Conformance Testing Process for all identified graphics, compute and vision APIs. Current conformance status can be found at www.khronos.org/conformance.