Codeplay Software

Codeplay is internationally recognized for expertise in Heterogeneous Systems, and known for development of Compilers, Runtimes, Debuggers, Test Systems, and other specialized tools.

Codeplay has delivered standards-compliant systems for some of the largest semiconductor companies in the world, focusing specifically on high-performance mobile and graphics applications. Participating in defining new standards such as OpenCL, SPIR, and SYCL through the Khronos Group, and working to create new Runtime standards through the HSA Foundation, Codeplay is at the forefront of developing for the latest consumer and research hardware feature sets.

Drawing from extensive expertise in the industry, Codeplay also participates in several research projects. These range from gaining the most from the latest graphics techniques whilst using the least power for mobile, to ensuring performance is portable and investigating its impact across a variety of different heterogeneous systems. These techniques will be incorporated into products made available to customers and associated developers.