Cubietech Limited was founded in 2012 by an embedded technology team which is full of dreams and passions. Based in China’s pearl river delta, the regional culture is highly open-source, with an open-minded international vision, they supply high-performance and affordable software and hardware platforms to the creative people of the world.

Cubietech’s first product line, the Cubieboard series of open-source single-board microcomputers appeared in August 2012. Cubieboard got high praise from lots of open -source organizations, and became the standard equipment supported by many open-source operating systems. After two years, Cubieboard has become a famous open-source hardware which has strong influence and is loved by many geeks and hobbyists. Rich in features, and low in cost, one of them named Cubietruck was selected as the fourth open-source mini single-board computer by authoritative open-source organizations.

Cubietech will continue to embrace the open-source culture, and bring more cost-effective mini computers to hobbyists. Furthermore, they also want to cooperate with other “dream teams” to develop and promote innovative solutions and products.
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