Fluffy Spider Technologies

Fluffy Spider Technologies (FST) is an Australian based software company specializing in advanced GUI and high–performance multimedia products for embedded application development, as well as comprehensive custom design and development services.

FST was founded in 1995 and works with industry leaders such as Speakercraft, Taxitronic, Toshiba and Verifone.

Relevant Products:


FancyPants is the next generation high performance multimedia and graphics framework for embedded and mobile applications. FancyPants helps device OEMs enhance product differentiation by creating eye-catching and user friendly interfaces with embedded multimedia. FancyPants comprises a powerful SDK to simplify the development of rich user interfaces, and an optimized runtime environment for maximum performance. FancyPants is deployed by creators of innovative consumer, commercial and industrial devices.

FancyPants features a high efficiency runtime with a small resource footprint, multiple axes of abstraction, together with a plug-in architecture for media, display subsystems and hardware accelerated graphics capabilities. With FancyPants, UI code is portable and can automatically take advantage of new hardware, media types and CODECs.

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