Graphic Remedy

Graphic Remedy (GRemedy) is a privately owned software company specializing in software applications for the 3D graphics market, specifically  developers programming with OpenGL.
With many years of experience in graphics development, GRemedy’s goal  is to design innovative applications that make OpenGL programming  faster and easier, saving programmers time and money. gDEBugger is the first in a line of products to meet this goal.

Relevant Products:

gDEBugger ES

gDEBugger ES is an OpenGL ES debugger which traces application activity on top of OpenGL ES to provide the application behavior information you need to find bugs and to optimize application performance. With gDEBugger ES, you can peer inside your OpenGL ES usage to see the affect individual commands have on application behavior. There are multiple ways to use the analytic capabilities of gDEBugger ES – from locating bugs to removing redundant calls and errors to performing regression tests. Whether your goal is to shorten debugging time, improve application quality or optimize application performance, gDEBugger ES displays the information you‘re looking for.

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