HI Corporation

Grounded in an R&D ethic, HI Corporation leads the market in developing mobile middleware for multimedia systems. Mascot Capsule Engine, the flagship product, is a 3D rendering engine adopted for mobile telephone handsets distributed by the three main carriers within Japan. In addition, multinational handset manufacturers Motorola and SonyEricsson have selected Mascot Capsule Engine for deployment internationally. The cumulative shipment count of handsets embedded with the engine exceeds 30 million units.

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MascotCapsule® is 3D rendering engine software that enables the real-time operation of applications displaying 3D graphics data on a multitude of devices, such as handheld game pads, PDA’s, digital camcorders, car navigation displays, and mobile phone (cellular) telephones. Without relying on operating system or hardware architecture, MascotCapsule® enables sophisticated 3D applications to run effortlessly in hardware  resource-constrained environments. The latest MascotCapsule® V4 complies with international standards M3G (JSR-184) and OpenGL ES, extending the development potential for applications.