Intelligraphics, Inc. provides the highest quality specialized software development expertise to manufacturers of intelligent systems and components in order to create a software interface for control of their hardware systems.

Intelligraphics, Inc. provides professional device driver, firmware, and board support package development services to hardware manufacturers and software development companies throughout the world including chip, add-in board and system manufacturers as well as operating system vendors and application developers. Based in Richardson, Texas, the company has become an internationally recognized leader in low level software development. Having built the business developing display drivers, Intelligraphics quickly branched out into development for a variety of devices on essentially all PC and embedded operating systems. Intelligraphics has developed particular expertise in driver and system level software development, performance analysis and enhancement, software testing and other services.

Development Services Provided:

Intelligraphics is the leader in display driver development for graphics and multimedia hardware devices. Our team has expertise in a variety of technologies on all major PC operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, MacOS, OS/2 and Linux, and continues to expand support to new platforms. Intelligraphics made its name in display driver development, and we continue to offer superior display driver development services for all display technologies.