Magic Pixel

Magic Pixel Inc is a leading fabless multimedia SoC expert in the IC design, development and sales of wide ranges of multimedia application processor with embedded software solution. As the first spin-off from Macronix International Co. Ltd.(TSE 2337) in 2003, Magic Pixel has well-established technology know-how to continue the unmatched SoC successes extending from Wi-Fi camera, surveillance security, 3D/2D advertisement machine & digital photo frame, mini-DV recorder, and household appliance display toward highly valued ePaper applications: eNote, eReader, eTextbook, eStorybook and eEducation through legally licensed partners.

Magic Pixel commits in cost-effective technology innovation to inspire customers’ continuous business success, and thus is widely accepted and endorsed by global brand names in the electronics display and recording applications for years. The dedicated turnkey service further accelerates the SoC adoption to the greatest time-to-market for customers’ best interests.