Maxtrium B.V.

Maxtrium B.V. Is a specialist provider in efficient and innovative heterogeneous computing software for mobile and embedded devices. We offer services that cover the complete cycle of software development. Starting with solution architectures, complex algorithm development, feasibility study, prototypes and ending with a highly optimized production application. With our in-house expertise of video, image and graphics we offer state of the art solutions for your products.

Our technology-independent experience enables us to de-risk projects, working in partnership with you to deliver to time, cost and quality.

Our expertise

We are one of the leading developers of heterogeneous software for software mobile and embedded devices.
Over 10 year track record in innovative solutions
Vast experience in app development for Android, iOS, Windows.
Expertise incorporates multiple form factors including smartphones, PCs/netbooks, tablets, digital signage and advertising displays, TV set-top boxes and more.
Long-term involvement in various market sectors means we understand the operating environment our clients face, leading to better quality results and more streamlined development processes.