OmniG Software

OmniG Software Inc. is committed to providing high-performance and graphics-intensive real-time three-dimensional (3D) games for mobile devices.

As a premier developer with a strong reputation for game quality, innovative design, on-time and on-budget delivery, OmniGSoft has a proven track record of successful games for mobile devices such as Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

ChopperFight_23D Chopper Fight – Command the suburban arena armed with your zippy remote control helicopter. Take flight for team fighting fun! Fight through seven rooms in a house designed as indoor combat arena, each with cartoon style furniture and brilliant interior decoration. Command one of four cute and zippy RC Toy choppers armed with a fire-spitting cannon. Enjoy the fancy game play and unbeatable 3D graphics on your handheld. Optimised for OpenGL-ES
NineHoleGolf23D Nine Hole Golf – is a distinctive real-time 3D mobile Golf game featuring addictive game playing and the most realistic 3D simulation ever! Choose from six animated 3D characters, play three luxurious golf courses, each with a distinct landscape and climate for a total of 27 holes, and experience the best 3D rendering effect you can get for a mobile Golf game. Product Optimised for JAVA JSR-184
VolcanoIsland13D Volcano Island – Escape the everyday for an enchanted tropical adventure. This frantic action game starts when our hero is mysteriously swept away from his vacation cruise and finds himself on a haunted volcano island. Surrounded by treasures and hunted by spirits, there’s nowhere to hide. “Think on your feet”; and help our hero to outwit the spirits, navigate the maze, and collect all the items to advance to the next level… Product Optimised for JAVA JSR-184