RGB Game Studios

RGB Game Studios is founded by passionate people who are invested in creating great gaming experiences for players. We are an extremely dedicated team and are constantly researching to implement new techniques and practices for rendering, physics and Artificial Intelligence in Game Design. We believe that great games are created by combining rich experiences with cutting edge technology. We are excited to invest our passion into our first upcoming game, Chase & Hunt.
We were deeply inspired by the richly detailed and realistic games that dominate the PC and Playstation offerings.  However, their length and time demanding nature required a large amount of commitment from the player. During the development of Chase & Hunt, we worked to bring the same experience in a shorter condensed form so that the player can reach the end of a mission with a sense of completion, akin to watching a good movie, and importantly, achieve all this without interruptions or frustration.

Many factors decided the course of our journey. Chase & Hunt runs on a custom engine, specifically designed to perform seamlessly while rendering large open worlds in high definition graphic quality. on mobile platforms .

Our Editor which runs on the PC,uses PVRVFrame instead of direct OpenGL, this allows us to run the same code on editor and the actual target hardware.

It also heavily uses PVRTexTool, which can export many tcompressed texture formats specifically PVRTC with options for development/production quality.