Soluis Group

The Soluis Group have been creating virtual environments since 2000. Now, Soluis | Interact are unleashing the full potential of those environments through RT| 360, RT| Engage and RT| Build modules.

These platforms take full advantage of the current Building Information Modelling (BIM) revolution in the construction industry:

  • RT| 360 showcases your key spaces, and allows your client to experiment with the available lighting and material options. Click HERE for more info
  • RT| Build shows your construction methodology in visual form, against an interactive timeline. Click HERE for more info
  • RT| Engage lets your client to navigate the space in real-time, and change furniture, lighting and materials as they explore. Click HERE for more info

Soluis | Interact also develops bespoke Software and Applications for Mobile and Desktop devices.

These have covered everything from Augmented Reality, to electronic bid submission, to Cinema screen modelling, to design process enhancement.

If you think there’s an app we can build for you, or a problem we can solve – our in-house development team is ideally positioned to take your idea from concept to reality – get in touch!