Vango Technologies, Inc. (Vango), founded in 2006, is a fabless semiconductor company for smart grid market. The leading VCs are IDG Technology Venture Investments, L.P. and Harbinger Venture Capital Corp. It now has offices in both Hsinchu, Taiwan, and Hangzhou, China. Besides chips for energy metering, Vango also offers tailor-made chips for communications for Internet of Things of Smart Grid. In 2013, Vango shipped about 10 million chips, and now has about 70 employees. Vango is ISO 9001 certified and its chips are certified by national and international authorities.

Since its inception, Vango has built a company culture of ‘Innovation, Quality, and Services’. Vango has more than 40 US and Chinese patents in the areas of analog design, MCU design, energy metering algorithms, SoC design, and reliability design. Those innovations enable Vango to become a world-class fabless design house. Vango’s V9203 boasts the widest dynamic range (10,000:1) for any metering AFEs and its V9281/V9260 have the world’s lowest power dissipation of any metering AFEs (50% less than the closest competition). Vango was also among the first companies to provide polarity self-adaptive RS-485 chip with ±15kV ESD rating. With the introduction of a PLC chip, a wireless chip, and a DC/DC converter chip, Vango is becoming one of the leading chip suppliers for IoT of smart grid.