Corporate and social responsibility

The Group recognises that it has responsibilities to all stakeholders, including the interests of employees and their families, the need to foster the Group’s business relationships with partners, customers, suppliers and others; and the impact of the Groups operations on the local communities and surrounding environment where it operates. Our employees are highly regarded and valued, and their employment and rights are respected. All employees are required to act honestly, fairly and with integrity. The Group is committed to the important principle of equal opportunity which is reflected in the Group’s recruitment, disciplinary and grievance policies.

The Group is dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality to meet its customers’ requirements in a manner that is consistent with high environmental and ethical standards. The Group makes a contribution to local charities and communities in areas where it operates its business.

Environmental impact and energy use

As a Group we feel our environmental impact on the whole is low, with our main business being the development of intellectual property which helps customers develop the most power efficient products possible. Our emissions come mainly from the use of electricity in our offices and business travel. In the UK we currently have seven offices, three at Group headquarters in Kings Langley, one data centre and three offices at other locations in the UK. We also have a number of overseas sites.

Redevelopment of site and environmental impact

The Group began redeveloping its headquarters site in Kings Langley in 2011. All the buildings are now complete enough to occupy and use. All of the buildings are designed along the principles of sustainable design and will exceed the building regulations requirements for buildings of this nature; each building should achieve a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’ when the builder has completed their contracted work.

As part of the redevelopment of the headquarters the Company focused on the core functions required of a high quality office development whilst being conscious of its environmental responsibilities, in this vein we are promoting the ecology of the area by introducing a native boundary structure and new habitats within the canal area.

Where applicable, native tree shrub and herbaceous plants have been introduced to encourage indigenous species in the more decorative areas of the scheme.

Data centre

To meet the Group’s considerable IT requirements, a dedicated data centre was constructed and became operational in 2014. It contains two highly efficient data halls, the first of which is in current use and the second hall will come online in the future to meet business needs as the Group grows. The data halls are supported by a highly efficient electrical distribution system that utilises state of the art static UPS systems that have multiple modes of operation to maximise energy efficiency. A low energy cooling solution has also been adopted that provides both a water and air cooled solution that makes use of free cooling when ambient conditions allow.


We encourage our employees to recycle their day to day waste. We do this by ensuring there are recycling bins for cardboard and non-confidential materials and separate confidential bags in every office, all of which are recycled. There are also recycling bins in each kitchen area. Energy saving measures are also in place for recycling components, such as printed circuit boards, toner cartridges, surplus packaging and paper. All cardboard, wooden boxes, drink cans and plastic bottles are currently recycled.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Imagination is required to report the quantity of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from activities from which the Group is responsible, in accordance with the GHG emissions reporting requirements of The Companies Act 2006 (Strategic and Directors’ Reports) Regulations 2013 for GHG emissions.

We have adopted a financial control approach to defining our organisational boundary and therefore the data used reflects our material global operations. The methodology used to compile this data is in accordance with the requirements of the following standards: DEFRA’s Environmental Reporting Guidelines: Including mandatory greenhouse gas emissions reporting guidance (June 2013). Our reporting period for GHG emissions is in line with our financial reporting year to 30 April 2016. This marks our baseline year and will be used for comparative purposes in the future.

Full details of our GHG emissions is available in our latest annual report.

The Group’s employees

The Group recognises that its reputation and success depends upon the efforts, integrity and commitment of its people. Employee engagement with the whole Group is a priority and there are a number of communication channels in place to help employees develop their knowledge of the business. These channels include regular presentations by the CEO and CFO to staff covering the Group’s performance, strategy, vision and operational developments.

Employee share ownership is encouraged across the Group to align the interests of our employees and our shareholders and to enable our employees to share in the success of the Company. The Group runs an employee share plan under which all employees globally are eligible to receive share awards on an annual basis. There and no performance conditions on share awards below the Executive Management Board (EMB) and Board.

Graduate recruitment and internship programme

We remain focused on bringing people into engineering: the Group runs a graduate recruitment and internship programme with universities and colleges throughout the UK. We have developed strong relationships with a number of universities including the University of Southampton, Imperial College of London, the University of Bristol and the University of Manchester. As a direct result of our programme we have welcomed around 40 undergraduates on internship each year, most of whom convert into permanent graduate hires.

Academic outreach and sponsorship

We have linked up with universities which reflect our technical skillset and are supporting and developing these into centres of excellence for students in line with our intellectual property activities around the Group. The Group offers a wide range of other incentives to young people varying from the sponsorship of electronic courses at local schools; giving scholarship awards to students at University to promote opportunities at the Group and financial awards to exceptional successful interns with the intention that the students come to work for the Group in the future.

The Group invites young people from the local community annually for structured work experience to learn more about and experience some of the careers available in our sector. We regularly attend and sponsor events focused on promoting Science and Engineering with our university partners.


The Group acknowledges the importance and contribution of its employees and as a global business, values people from all cultures, nationalities, religion and ethnicities irrespective of characteristics such as age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability. The Group is committed to building a diverse organisation to maximise the skills available to us in the jurisdictions in which we operate. We ensure that we follow best practice and have adopted employment policies across the jurisdictions, based on equal opportunities for all employees these are implemented from the point of recruitment and continue throughout the employees’ career with Imagination. The Group has a strong demand for highly qualified staff and disability is not seen to be an inhibitor to employment or career development. Disabled people are given full consideration for employment and subsequent training (including, if needed, retraining for alternative work where employees have become disabled), career development and promotion on the basis of their aptitudes and abilities. The Group considers diversity as an important issue across the Group, not just at Board level.

We have marginally increased the percentage of senior females in the Group and recognise that we must continue to work to increase the proportion of female staff within the Group.

Further details of the Group’s diversity can be found in our latest annual report.